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We put a lot of effort into our articles but there are times where you have to hold your hands up and praise the work of others in the same field of work. For all the guides and reviews and advice we offer, one new service has now launched which take you on a visual journey into the available online casinos that are open to players in New Zealand. The social media server Twitch, is now home to the CasinoBonusesIndex.com channel which is bringing their site to the social screen of millions of viewers and it is incredible.

See how to find the right casino, pick the best bonuses and learn how to play the games on offer

The brand new service is launched and you can read all about the live streaming inside our article. Streaming to a worldwide audience, viewers get a full view of what gambling online is really like and all about. They cover games, news, interviews and all for the New Zealand market. Don’t miss this because there are free bonuses given out to all those which join in the fun.

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